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Play as Arya Ferrer, a skilled bad-ass blacksmith who lives in the village of Caister. She has lived a simple life with her father Leon, when one day the Prince Kaius Dubois arrives at her doorstep demanding a sword. Not just any sword, but the Royal Sword, a sword that had been made by the previous members of the Ferrer household in time for the Crown Prince’s Coronation for generations. Needing the Moonstone Flower, Arya and her companions set off on a journey to the snowy mountains. Travel with Arya as she battles against flirty princes, gruff guards and cute messengers through an icy and fun-filled journey?

Moonstone Sword started off as a casual discussion between MeganeRose and onboroo one fateful February evening and has blossomed into a fully visualised project with an amazing team helping to give it life. 

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has helped us and we thank you all for playing our visual novel. 

Meet the Characters

Arya Ferrer

Age: 23
Personality: Serious, friendly, loyal,            outspoken
Likes: Swords, her father, antique books
Dislikes: Arrogance, being vulnerable, swimming, getting wet

Arya has grown up surrounded by her loving but head-strong father, Leon, and a fully stocked blacksmiths so she is not someone to messed around with. After her mother passed away during her birth, Leon had provided nothing but the best for his daughter so when the Prince finds out that Arya is the sole residential blacksmith, after Leon had an accident leaving him unable to work, how will Arya react to the Prince's arrogant attitude?

Leon Ferrer

Age: 50
Personality: Hardass, gruff and strict to everyone but his daughter
Likes: The forest, swords and Arya
Dislikes: Men around his daughter, his daughter being sad and anyone who gives Arya a hard time

Leon was the Royal Blacksmith back at the capital with a loving wife and a child on the way. When his beloved wife died during childbirth, giving birth to their daughter, he knew he would be expected to remarry and have a son, to carry on the Ferrer Household name. So he left, with a newborn Arya and made a home for himself in the small village of Caister where he raised his daughter with great love and helped shape her into the amazing women she grew up to be.

Prince Kaius Dubois

Age: 23
Personality: Arrogant, charming and confident
Likes: Music, dancing and flirting
Dislikes: Liars, people who use him for his status and bugs

Kaius has always been popular due to his status and his only two real friends are Knight Alaric and Leif. As he is use to women throwing themselves at his feet, he finds himself at a lost when his usual charming tactics fail to win Arya over. He will have to dig deep and show her his true self if he wants her to see the charismatic but lonely man underneath.

Knight Alaric Crawford

Age: 25
Personality: Polite, reserved, hard-working
Likes: Training, his job, camping, horses and sweets
Dislikes: Laziness, bullies, spicy food and he is terrible at directions

When Alaric is surrounded by strangers he is a quiet and reserved man that is vastly different from when he is with his loved ones. Being the youngest in a noble family, he was often overlooked as his brother was seen as perfect. So when he got the chance to train as a knight, Alaric jumped at the chance, happy to finally be able to make a choice for himself. He is popular around town as he is the Prince's shadow and is often called a dark-horse. Will Arya be able to get close to the man who guards his heart almost as well as he guards the Prince?

Messenger Leif Ackroyd

Age: 21
Personality: Shy, kind and cheerful
Likes: Flowers, tea and animals
Dislikes: The cold and violence

Leif is a sweet and caring man who doesn't let the past define how he treats those around him. As an orphaned page, he was often bullied by the other boys until Alaric took him under his wing. Whilst his career as a knight didn't pan out, he soon became fast friends with the Prince and was offered a job as his Royal Messenger. When Arya meets him she is confused by how he can't seem to fault the world and soon she finds herself falling his for his cute and cheerful smile.

Meet The Team

Larry Jones


Larry is our awesome composer who is producing unique original music for this visual novel.

Nate Kauko


Nate is our wonderful programmer helping us to turn a few words on a document into a real-life game. 

Nate's email: 




onboroo is incredibly talented young artist who helped bring this project to life.

Her work can be found at:




Megane is the founder of indie-gaming company Solin Games and avid player of visual novels who is turning her addition into games.​

Megane's email:




Tenshu's editing skills are helping to turn our script into a treasured text filled with adventure. 

Tenshu's discord:


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